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Usually, I begin blogs with a long rambling, but today I’m giving a much shorter one. Simply put, I like semi-pro soccer. A lot. I’m not sure why. With that in mind, some of the branding of semi-pro soccer teams are atrocious. Yes, there are some Detroit City FC’s and Chattanooga FC’s. There are even some New Orleans Jesters’s that are more than passable, but as a whole there are a lot of awful ones. In the last few years, I’ve gotten into badge design – which I get is not exactly full rebrands of teams, but I’ve decided I will post a few here anyway.


TEAM: Baton Rouge United FC

The badge is based around the badge of the Honduran National Team, because most of the players are Honduran in root. The “castle” is the Old State Capital in Baton Rouge. The cross shape, which is off center right now, is due to Baton Rouge’s Catholic roots.

TEAM: AFC Mobile

Simple. Mobile is the Azalea City. Giant azalea in the middle, rounded badge, six stripes to represent the six flags of the city. Fleur de lis because of the French influence in Mobile, which incidentally is the original home of Mardi Gras.afcmobile logo.png

TEAM: Boca Knights FC (Bossier-Caddo Fútbol Club)

The team did not go with this badge, but the original idea of the rebrand was to seem more professional. Colors are taken from the city flag AND the Parish’s flag. Knight’s shield has a fleur de lis because of Louisiana.




The issues with soccer media

new one

I haven’t blogged in awhile. Basically, I’ve been doing what I would consider more important things, but in the last few days I have been drawn back in by the USMNT’s embarrassing loss to Argentina. Embarrassing not in that they lost, but embarrassing in the way they lost.

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Viva Las Blogs…

I hate visiting a blog-site to find that it has not updated in days, weeks, months, or years.  When this happens, I typically become overly concerned about the blogger.  Immediately, I jump to the worst conclussions possible.

So with that, and with a somewhat heavy heart, I am announcing that after this post Viva La Futbol will no longer be updated.

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The MLS Quarter-Finals Got Legs

I could have written today’s MLS Playoff wrap up blog in bad Halloween or horror movie puns, but I know you’re better than that. So while MLS has disguised it’s current round of playoffs as a Conference Semi-Finals, we know it is not. We know that until a team located as far east as New Jersey is playing in the Eastern Conference, or a team located as far west as Colorado is playing in the Western Conference, this is the quarter-finals, not a conference semi.

On the bright side, the quarter-finals did show us an ESPN double-header, an insane scoreline with an insane goal, a sloppy game on a sloppy pitch with a sloppy end, a tight fought tightly (read: too many yellows) officiated game, and a game between a defending champ and an upstart that’s score would indicate otherwise.

The final legs kick off mid-week, and with every team -except oddly Seattle- having a chance to move on to the semi-finals (they are not Conference Finals) let’s take a look back at this weekends legs.

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Just Kicking It

The street is dark and off in the distance three young men are kicking around a cheap plastic soccer ball It cost them eight dollars at Target. There are no goals, not even a pair of cans or rocks to designate the posts, and they just kick it. There is not a pitch. In fact there is not even a patch of grass around for a few miles, but they kick their ball.

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