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You’re Welcome Hollywood: The Search for America’s Defining Soccer Movie

I am absolutely fascinated by the way baseball has engrained itself not just into our sporting culture, but into our popular culture as well. This past weekend the movie Moneyball came out, and like so many other Americans I was in line to see it. The funny thing about this is that I do not even like baseball, but for whatever reason I love baseball movies. Major League, Bad News Bears, A League of Their Own, Field of Dreams and several more have become part of our daily culture. “There’s no crying in baseball!” resonates with people in a way that Goal: The Dream Begins or Ladybugs could only dream of. It is due to this, that partway through Moneyball, I realized that if soccer is ever going to make it in America –whatever that means– there must be a defining soccer movie.

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Real Stroke of Genius

MLS may have looked foolish altering their already confusing playoff structure, but they may have secretly been geniuses

When Major League Soccer changed its playoff structure, from one utterly incomprehensible cluster to another incomprehensible cluster, several people who followed the league gathered around their computers and let out a collective
“what the…”  I was amongst those people; however, I now look back and realize that the move just might have been ingenious. Read More…

Viva La Futbol, Football, and Soccer!

It is not the goals.  It is not the fouls.  It is not the penalties.  It is not the saves.  It is not the effort.  It is certainly not the referees.  It is the stories of soccer that pull us in.  It is what each player, manager, supporters, and referee does that make this a never ending cycle.  From the lowliest club to Barcelona, from the tiny nations like San Marino to the mightiest country like Spain, from the birthplace of the sport in England to the continent of South America where it became an art form, there is more to the game than just the game itself. Read More…