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The MLS Quarter-Finals Got Legs

I could have written today’s MLS Playoff wrap up blog in bad Halloween or horror movie puns, but I know you’re better than that. So while MLS has disguised it’s current round of playoffs as a Conference Semi-Finals, we know it is not. We know that until a team located as far east as New Jersey is playing in the Eastern Conference, or a team located as far west as Colorado is playing in the Western Conference, this is the quarter-finals, not a conference semi.

On the bright side, the quarter-finals did show us an ESPN double-header, an insane scoreline with an insane goal, a sloppy game on a sloppy pitch with a sloppy end, a tight fought tightly (read: too many yellows) officiated game, and a game between a defending champ and an upstart that’s score would indicate otherwise.

The final legs kick off mid-week, and with every team -except oddly Seattle- having a chance to move on to the semi-finals (they are not Conference Finals) let’s take a look back at this weekends legs.

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You’re Welcome Hollywood: Sunset Park

Last night, after streaming an MLS playoff game on my computer, I found myself up watching an old Rhea Perlman movie. When I was in high school, it was one of my favorite sports movies. Seeing it now, I realize that it is actually relatively bad.

However, as the movie played I did notice something. It had the makings for another “You’re Welcome Hollywood” post. “You’re Welcome Hollywood” is a blog series in which I look at old sports movies and remake them by slightly altering characters, and the sport, into great American soccer movies.

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Cowboy Up

Stoppage time was slowly ticking away with Dallas down 0-1. We all sat glued to our television –or computer– screens, eyes transfixed on #20. We were all waiting, just waiting, for him to do something amazing. But it did not happen as Thierry Henry daggered Dallas right around the 97th minute. That is when Brek Shea rode off into the Texas sunset and into the unknown.

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MLS “Awards” – Team Most Likely to Win MLS Cup


While Los Angeles has won Supporters Shield (again), Seattle, RSL, Kansas City, and even RBNY look strong heading into the playoffs.  MLS Cup is the team who gets the parade and the ones who get to go to the White House to meet Obama as he scratches his head thinking, “who are these guys?” But we all know who they are.  Here are the most likely winners of that awkward trip to DC.  Read More…

MLS “Awards” – Team to Watch Next Year


Believe it or not, some teams in MLS did not make the playoffs.  Of the eight teams that missed, some seem primed for another down year, but others look like they could be legit.  Read More…

MLS “Awards” – Most Valuable Player


How do you define the value for a player? How important are goals? Assists? Saves? Making the playoffs?  Read More…

MLS “Awards” – Least Valuable Player


Some players just don’t carry their own weight, strange that most of them seemed to be on one team this season.  Read More…

MLS “Awards” – Designated Player of the Year


It used to be Designated Player were just former big-name, world class players looking to sail off into retirement.  While that may still be true in some cases (-ed note: I’m looking at you Rafa Marquez), DPs are now intregal parts to successful teams.  These are the big name, or at least big money, players that are supposed to light the league on fire.  Here are the players who came good on their contracts this year.  Read More…

MLS “Awards” – Breakout Player of the Year


There are some players that take awhile to really catch on.  Sometimes it takes a change of coach, sometimes a change of team, sometimes something in a player just changes, and sometimes the player literally comes out of no where to shock people.  Here are the players who this year made the jump to the next level.  Read More…

MLS “Awards” – Biggest Sophomore Slump


Sometimes a player astounds us so much in year one that they cannot help but let us down in year two.  The “Sophomore Slump” is a sporting tradition.  Here is who our panel thought suffered the most from it. Read More…