MLS “Awards” Panelists

Let’s be honest, if you follow soccer at all, you probably already know most of these guys. If you don’t you better get to know them. We’d like to take the time to thank all of our panelists for contributing to this discussion.

Chris Ballard is the host of Around the League Extra and the North East Correspondent for Prost Amerika. Find and follow him on Twitter @chrisjballard.

Abram Chamberlain is a soccer contributor at Front Office Blogs. He is also the founder of Viva La Futbol and (in his own mind) is a well-beloved Twitter personality. Find and follow him on Twitter @achamberlainsc.

Jason Davis, founder of Match Fit USA, doer of things for the culture blog KCKRS, podcaster on The Best Soccer Show, columnist for US Soccer Players, and something of a soccer guy. Find and follow him on Twitter @mfusa.

Daniel Feuerstein is a writer at Major League Soccer Talk and hosts Feuerstein’s Firea two-hour weekly podcast on American soccer. Find and follow him on Twitter @dfeuerstein.

Robert Jonas is a writer and reporter covering MLS and the San Jose Earthquakes for Center Line Soccer and co-host of the 2011 Quakes Cast podcast. Find and follow him on Twitter @robertjonas.

Alexi Lalas played soccer for the United States Men’s National Team and Major League Soccer, he is currently an ESPN soccer analyst, proud ginger and lover of Slurpees. Find and follow him on Twitter @alexilalas22.

Jeremiah Oshan is SB Nation‘s MLS Editor and a really swell guy. Find and follow him on Twitter @jeremiahoshan.

Zac Wassink is a soccer geek, a Yahoo Sports contributor, and a Red Bulls, Spurs (Tottenham not San Antonio), and A-League fanatic. Find and follow him on Twitter @zacwassink.


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