Usually, I begin blogs with a long rambling, but today I’m giving a much shorter one. Simply put, I like semi-pro soccer. A lot. I’m not sure why. With that in mind, some of the branding of semi-pro soccer teams are atrocious. Yes, there are some Detroit City FC’s and Chattanooga FC’s. There are even some New Orleans Jesters’s that are more than passable, but as a whole there are a lot of awful ones. In the last few years, I’ve gotten into badge design – which I get is not exactly full rebrands of teams, but I’ve decided I will post a few here anyway.


TEAM: Baton Rouge United FC

The badge is based around the badge of the Honduran National Team, because most of the players are Honduran in root. The “castle” is the Old State Capital in Baton Rouge. The cross shape, which is off center right now, is due to Baton Rouge’s Catholic roots.

TEAM: AFC Mobile

Simple. Mobile is the Azalea City. Giant azalea in the middle, rounded badge, six stripes to represent the six flags of the city. Fleur de lis because of the French influence in Mobile, which incidentally is the original home of Mardi Gras.afcmobile logo.png

TEAM: Boca Knights FC (Bossier-Caddo Fútbol Club)

The team did not go with this badge, but the original idea of the rebrand was to seem more professional. Colors are taken from the city flag AND the Parish’s flag. Knight’s shield has a fleur de lis because of Louisiana.




The issues with soccer media

new one

I haven’t blogged in awhile. Basically, I’ve been doing what I would consider more important things, but in the last few days I have been drawn back in by the USMNT’s embarrassing loss to Argentina. Embarrassing not in that they lost, but embarrassing in the way they lost.

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In 2015 US Soccer and CONCACAF Need to Push the Gold Cup

goldcup1Welp, I guess that’s it. Goodbye, United States Men’s National Team. Move along, folks, nothing to see here. No more crowds in Chicago, Dallas, St. Louis, Kansas City, and Indianapolis filling stadiums to watch the boys in Brazil.  New American Outlaw chapters just stop now that they’re official until we head to Moscow. People who have learned that soccer, American soccer in particular, is something more than a topic to write about showing our moral decay are now left in the soccer wilderness for another four years. Yup, it’s all over. Now soccer goes back in the corner until 2018, right? That’s what happens, huh? No more games, correct?

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The Ghosts of Monterrey

RSL won MLS Cup in 2009, set the league on fire in 2010, but have not won anything since losing to Monterrey in the CONCACAF Champions League Final at home. Are they cursed?

White Line Envy, or Attendance Numbers and Sepp Blatter’s Comments

A few months ago, I was watching a Liga MX playoff game. I could not for the life of me remember who was playing, just that it was not Tijuana (my Liga MX club of choice). As the game played out, certain things were apparent to me. Firstly, the quality of play was better than that of MLS. It was not better by leaps and bounds, but it was certainly a higher, more technical class of play. Dispute it as we often do, Liga MX is better than MLS. It will continue to be better than MLS for some times.

This is not to say MLS is no good, awful, horrendous, and unwatchable; it is just to say that MLS is only 17 years old. Think of your performances at 17 years old. Compare that to a much older pro. Do you really think you were that good as a 17-year-old? If you do, I suggest asking around. You may be overrating your skill – but I digress.

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All Mixxed Up

So, the Portland Timbers want Mixx Diskerud. They should. He is, after all, one of the most promising players in the USMNT pool. I am sure if they had their way, most of the teams in MLS would be salivating after Mixx. The only problem with those teams wanting Mixx is that he is Mixx Diskerud potential USMNT player and they are teams in MLS.

Do not get me wrong here, I love MLS; however, it is not a blind love. Perhaps, someday in the future players of Mixx’s caliber – you know, those fringe international guys – could make a name for themselves in MLS and still thrive at the international level, but that time is not right now.

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Politics and Readjüsting the GPS with Jürgen Klinsmann

Stuck in a rut.

That is where the United States Men’s National Team seems to be right now. Since 1990, when the USA first started regularly qualifying for World Cups, there has not been too much of a worry about qualification. Every USMNT head coach has been able to do it. Several of them have done it more than once. Yet here we sit, just prior to the Antigua & Barbuda match in qualifying, and supporters are concerned not about qualifying for the World Cup but about qualifying for the Hexagonal in order to qualify for the World Cup.

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Of child stars and soccer protégées

American soccer fans are tabloid journalists reporting on child stars. If there is one thing we love, it is building up our young players and then watching them crash and burn. We do it all the time. After all, what is more interesting to watch than the crashing and burning of someone with a big ego – even if it was us who created that ego to begin with?

Granted, we still hold out hope that Freddy Adu will reinvent himself a la Neil Patrick Harris. Harris, the child star who donned magazine covers, could not make it big in movies, then became a scene stealer on a much smaller stage, is a career path that Adu could follow. Adu, of course, is the child star who donned Sprite commercials, could not make it in the big world of European football, and we are all hoping he becomes a scene stealer in the much smaller world of MLS.

Like with Doogie, there are those of us who still hope he will turn into a superstar on the biggest stages of the National Team, but there are also those who hope he crashes and burns from his current level of success. Yet, it was us, the fans along with MLS, US Soccer, and even Pele, who built up young Adu. We gave him his alleged ego. He was always good, but never great. Thus is the case for many a young soccer protégée and many a child actor as well, but even with slight failures not everyone completely crashes out.

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The All-American Soccer Podcast, Episode 15

Hank and Abram talk about Wondo’s spectacular season, USMNT possible call ups, the situation in New York, and try to figure out what exactly David Downs stepping away from NASL means for the Minnesota Stars.

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The All-American Soccer Podcast, Episode 14

Hank and Abram talk MLS MVP, the power of marketing behind Thierry Henry, USMNT Qualifiers, Cameron playing out of position, all things Sascha Kljestan, NASL playoffs and expansion, if CONCACAF Champions League even matters, and if AEG’s sale could hurt MLS in CCL.

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