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ESPN 101: How to (not) tackle football…

I certainly picked the wrong week to go on a hiatus from blogging about American soccer.  However, with two huge research papers due in the next week, and my family gathering for thanksgiving, I figured that I needed a moment away from soccer.  I, of course, forgot that as soon as the MLS Cup is won, MLS’s stupid season begins.  Of course you wouldn’t know this if you were tuned into ESPN.

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The big brother and the red-headed stepchild

AEG once had lots of soccer children. While taking care of MLS more than the Krafts or the Hunts, Philip Anschutz fed his soccer children, kept them alive in hard times, and sunk more money into them than a typical parent wastes on the college tuition of several children. Then as MLS grew stronger, and certain teams became profitable, AEG started selling them off.

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There’s no racism in football?

FIFA wants to stamp out racism off the field, but what about on it?

Sepp Blatter seems to live in a fantasy world. There is no way that he believes even half the public statements he makes. Last year, around this time, he said there was no corruption in FIFA. This was obviously a statement made to quell fears about…well about the actual corruption in FIFA.

When he was interviewed by CNN just a few days ago, he stated that there is no racism in football, and the little bit of racism that exists –by the way wouldn’t that be an oxymoron from the moron– could be solved with a handshake. This was not a blanket statement about FIFA’s well being but rather a gross generalization about all of football. Blatter seems to think he knows everything that happens on the pitch, and this makes him either delusional, ridiculous, ignorant, or all three.

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MLS Second Best XI

MLS Best XI: (top left to right) Olave, Dunivant, Donovan, Shea Davis, Wondolowski (bottom left to right) Keller, Gonzalez, Beckham, De Rosario, Henry

Major League Soccer released its Best XI on Thursday.  Of all the post seasons awards that MLS gives out, this is generally the most highly regarded pat on the back outside of the MVP award.

Here again we see Major League Soccer trying its best to appeal to both the casual American sports fan and the traditional soccer fans from around the world.  Some people complain about the plethora of awards MLS gives out at season’s end, but most world-wide leagues do have a Best XI.

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Striker Lost

I’ve spent the last few hours, or really days, working on papers for school. Research papers, model plans, literature reviews have been my life for the last 48 hours –give or take some time on Twitter. However, the latest news on Carlos Tevez came out and something had to be said.

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MLS’s Moneyball

Moneyball, in case you missed the relatively average Brad Pitt movie this summer, is a theory that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to win. It is an idea of spending wisely instead of largely. In a league where the salary is capped at $2.7 million, this is a stat that should be looked more at than in baseball where there is no cap

I originally started this blog mid-September and have been working on-and-off on it. I used the MLS Player Unions Salary list, which they release every year. Plus self reported numbers for later signings. For statistics I used a mixture of stats page and information from Opta –when available. Due to this I won’t claim these stats are 100% infallible and if they change I will note it via Twitter and in the blog itself.

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How the Free Beer Movement May Have Ruined My Marriage

Today, the Free Beer Movement may have cost me my marriage.

I was sitting at a birthday party for my son’s friend, and a couple of fathers were sitting around discussing today’s big throwball match between Alabama and LSU. Read More…

The Kreis Effect

Jason Kreis did not invent coaching. His tactics are not new to the world of footballing. Jason Kreis is not ready to take over the helm of the United States Men’s National Team…yet. He is not the first coach to be labled as having fire. Jason Kreis is not the first coach to play mind games with other teams through the media. He is not the first player –possibly even great player– to be a succesful coach. But Jason Kreis has rewritten the book on how to be a succesful MLS coach, and other teams are taking notice.

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