Viva Las Blogs…

I hate visiting a blog-site to find that it has not updated in days, weeks, months, or years.  When this happens, I typically become overly concerned about the blogger.  Immediately, I jump to the worst conclussions possible.

So with that, and with a somewhat heavy heart, I am announcing that after this post Viva La Futbol will no longer be updated.

Some may ask why.  And to those who have cared enough to click on the “Read More” I should give you an answer.

Firstly, this will not be my final blog ever.  In fact, I will be moving on to slightly bigger things.  About a month ago, I was offered a contributing spot to the New England Revolution blog at SBNation, The Bent Musket.  I took the position, which like this one, would allow me to vent, analyze, and cover things I love.  The Bent Musket also offered me, for the first time, a shot at legitimate reporting.

Originally, I was going to write for the Bent Musket and continue updating Viva La Futbol.  However, a few weeks after that, I was offered a staff position at the new soccer news site Soccer Newsday.

After just a few days of writing for Soccer Newsday, many other writing avenues opened for me.  Just since this Monday – the day my first column hit the internet – I have been featured on the New England Revolution‘s main site and done guest writing for Major League Soccer Talk, in addition to having other offers to appear on podcasts and write other guest columns.

So after much thinking, and learning more about Soccer Newsday, I decided that I would serve as a columnist and editor for them.  Due to the amount of time the position at Soccer Newsday requires, in addition to my graduate work, I will no longer be able to write for them, the Bent Musket, and here.  So with a heavy heart, I decided to archive this blog – at Soccer Newsday – and within the next month or so shutdown this site.

What started out as a fun way to produce my own material, ended up with me at Soccer Newsday.  When I started this blog, I never would have imagined that I would be getting over 100 hits daily.  That might not sound like a lot, but to a guy who was used to getting only 5-10 hits a day on other sites, that was mind blowing.

If you are one of my readers, I will have a regular column up on Mondays at Soccer Newsday in addition to, at least, weekly columns at the Bent Musket.  Thanks to everyone for their reading and support.  And remember, even if the site is dead viva la futbol, and viva las blogs!


Abram Chamberlain



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