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Fantasy Soccer is for Nerds

You know what I’m not getting ready to do?

Fantasy football.

Okay, realistically, I do understand the allure of playing fantasy football (and for the record I’m referring to the American football, not the European one in this instance), but I’ve always found the actual practice of it to be rather mundane. Frankly, I’m in the school of thought that the guys who sit around playing fantasy football  are the same guys who used to pick on the geeks, nerds, and poindexters in high school for playing Dungeons and Dragons or Magic the Gathering and are now essentially doing the same thing.

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Clint Dempsey, Homeless American Soccer Vagabond…or Not

So, American soccer fans, let’s all take a moment to sit down. We need to talk.

Something weird and unexplainable is happening. Something we never thought we would have to worry about. Something that we have yet to be forewarned of. Though the rumor mills and speculation machines had us all believing a move was inevitable, Clint Dempsey is still playing — or at least on the roster of — Fulham.

We have all heard the rumblings. It was Champions League or bust for Deuce. You knew it. I knew it. He knew it. It was time for the big show. Months later, with less than a week until he is going to need to start mending fences with Martin Jol, Dempsey is playing with the Fulham reserves. It is a bitter pill to swallow. It is bitter to you. It is bitter to me. It is bitter for Clint Dempsey. But it is time to admit that maybe, just maybe, Clint Dempsey is going to stay at Fulham. Read More…

For Kicks & Giggles: Week of 2/5

Among this weeks links, a look at the case of Eric Frimpong a former UCSB soccer player. Frimpong has, perhaps, unjustly been serving time for a 2008 rape conviction.

For Kicks & Giggles is a series here at Viva la Futbol, which highlights some of the top football blogs that I have found over the course of each week.  If you would like to see your blog added here, either send me a shout on Twitter @MindOfAbram or an email to Viva.La.Futbol.Ahora[at]Gmail[dot]com.  These lists will feature between 8 and 11 blogs, videos, or various web related things at least every other Friday.

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I’d like to express interest in…

So the LA Galaxy’s Tim Leiweke has expressed interest in Frank Lampard.  Well not so fast Mr. Leiweke.  I’m calling dibs. I too am throwing my hat in the interest expressing ring of Mr. Frank Lampard.  And my interest to get him is only slightly less realistic than LA’s.

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The Rooney Revolution, flying pigs and all

This is a retread of a piece I wrote for ESPN’s Sportsnation about a year-and-a-half ago.  I find it humorous –and a little sad– that with very few alterations it’s still true.  

All of this has happened before, and it will all happen again.

Hey, Revs, want to fill those empty seats? I have a solution.

The top brass at New England supposedly wants to get the Boston market looking in their direction.  This has been part of the organizations downfall is a failure to catch the imagination of the Boston market –or the Portland, ME, New Bedford, Providence, or Hartford markets either.  So as they do yearly, they begin to claim they are looking to sign Designated Players, one whom obviously needs to be an attacking player. But more than just another Milton Caraglio retread, the Revolution need imagination.  They need innovation.  They need balls the size of the gas tanks on the Central Artery. They need a name who will grab the attention of the locals in order to fill up Gillette.

So, I have a proposition for the Kraft Group:  Don’t sign two or three DPs. Instead sign one, pay him astronomically, and make sure his name is Wayne Rooney.

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ESPN 101: How to (not) tackle football…

I certainly picked the wrong week to go on a hiatus from blogging about American soccer.  However, with two huge research papers due in the next week, and my family gathering for thanksgiving, I figured that I needed a moment away from soccer.  I, of course, forgot that as soon as the MLS Cup is won, MLS’s stupid season begins.  Of course you wouldn’t know this if you were tuned into ESPN.

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