For Kicks & Giggles: Week of 1/9

For Kicks & Giggles is a series here at Viva la Futbol, which highlights some of the top football blogs that I have found over the course of each week.  If you would like to see your blog added here, either send me a shout on Twitter @MindOfAbram or an email to Viva.La.Futbol.Ahora[at]Gmail[dot]com.  These lists will feature between 8 and 11 blogs, videos, or various web related things at least every other Friday.

Gay 4 Soccer<< The Power of Allies

Part of my current life is travelling around schools in Alabama to do observations.  I’ve been in schools in the cities of Montgomery and Birmingham, in the smaller towns, and in some very rural areas.  This last week, I happened to be in a school where students were referring to each other negatively in homophobic terms.  Being me, I stepped in and out of embarrassment they stopped.  In the past, I’ve done work with Colage, which has left me getting sensitive and incised over these issues.  So I was exceptionally happy when Gay 4 Soccer started their Allies.  I’m glad to say that I’m a #soccerally, and you if you are a logical human being you should be too.

Alexi Lalas and the Twitteratti<< #ICareAboutMLS

After Thierry Henry scored his FA Cup goal, Alexi Lalas tweeted out “Wait, how can Henry, who’s been playing in such an obviously inferior league, waltz into the EPL and score?” Someone responded that no one cares about MLS.  To which Lalas created the hashtag #ICareAboutMLS.  It blew up.  Supporters came out of the woodwork for it –as did detractors.  Regardless, for a league that is the fifth most popular team sport in the US, and then probably behind the PGA, NASCAR, and MMA, it had enough fans to make it trend worldwide.  I guess someone does indeed care about MLS.

Richard Whittall<< Not to mock the mock MLS SuperDrafts but… 

While this is now out of date, I found it absolutely hilarious.  Whittall hits on all the things in the SuperDraft that makes it seem odd to outsiders.  As I’ve stated before, I don’t think it’s going away, though it may start becoming way less important.

Brian Zygo<< MLS in pop culture 

I love Community. It is up there with Arrested Development as far as shows people are going to be sorry they never watched.  Earlier this year NBC put in on hiatus –aka basically cancelled, in favor of a new Chelsea Handler project.  I am not a Chelsea Handler fan. However, in the new Handler show, Are You There Chelsea, we see NBC using synergy to incorporate MLS into daily discussion.  Even if the stuff is older it is fascinating to see.  Wonder if NBC takes it a step farther as we get ready for the season.

Soccer Speak USA<< This week 5 events might have changed the perception of US soccer across the globe 

Between the loans, hat-tricks, and the lack of movement of a certain former English captain.  Things are looking up for American soccer.  Over at Soccer Speak USA, we get a look at some of the things that might change how people look at American soccer based on Americans abroad and MLS players on loan.

Steve Davis<< At the 10-year anniversary of very dark MLS days 

Recently, Steve Davis has surpassed some other soccer journalists as my favorite “mainstream” soccer journo.  Last week we featured a piece by Jonah Freedman about how killing Florida soccer saved MLS, but Davis delves deeper into the almost death of it back in 2002.  Great piece, hopefully you’ll take a chance to realize how close we were to no soccer in the USA.  And that would be sad, even if MLS is not your footballing cup of tea.

Phil McNulty<< Return of the king 

Henry’s return to Arsenal was sort of like Michael Jordan when he returned to the Bulls wearing #45.  No one was really sure if it was a good move.  When he scored the game winner in the FA Cup against Leeds United, it was like Jordan going of for 55 against the New York Knicks.  Phil McNulty looks at Henry’s status as the king of Arsenal –statue and all.

Simon Kay<< Mark Hughes has ambitions to match QPR says Tony Fernandes 

Mark Hughes didn’t make it at Manchester City, however that didn’t stop QPR’s Tony Fernandes from making him the new manager.  Now Fernandes, who I’ve heard reports that he may just walk away if the Rangers are relegated, is saying that Hughes failure at City is nothing and he has what it takes to make QPR a Champions League side.  As a QPR supporter, I say god speed.  As a realist, I just shake my head.

Seth Vertelney<< After securing MLS rights NBC looks to take soccer in America to the next level 

Interesting piece from  Sure we all thought ABC/ESPN would be the saviors of MLS.  Then we thought FSC would be the ones.  However, in their short time at the helm NBC looks like they may actually do it.  Let’s just hope the league gets a better cross promoted venue than the Chelsea Handler sitcom.

Chris Wheeler<< Bolton to tempt Tim Ream with deal worth 30 times his salary 

With all the things that happened to Tim Ream this year, with him falling out of favor with USMNT supporters, with the issues surrounding the Red Bulls, it’s good that someone wants him.  The other thing I take from this article, is just how far the rest of the world –England especially– MLS salaries are.  30 times his salary sounds like a lot, but not when you consider just how little he makes.  If MLS denies a move to the EPL for Ream, it would be ruinous for their reputation as a league growing up and coming talent.

Lorena Ortega<< How a plane-less airport spent 30 million euros on ads

Ever heard of Aeroport Castellon? They use to be the shirt sponsor for Villarreal.  They were an airline.  The problem is they had no airplanes.  What? Not a fully soccer related link, just a hilarious look at how it is not only American bankers who ran scams during economic hardships.


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