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For Kicks & Giggles is a new series here at Viva la Futbol, where I will be posting some of the top football blogs that I have found over the course of each week on Friday.  If you would like to see your blog added here, either send me a shout on Twitter @MindOfAbram or an email to Viva.La.Futbol.Ahora[at]Gmail[dot]com.  These lists will feature between 8 and 11 blogs, videos, or various web related things at least every other Friday.

NBC Sports Network << NBC Sports Talk on David Beckham

NBC Sports opened this week.  In addition to some great advertisements from them, they have showed us some random MLS things sprinkled in with their other sports.  Here Grant Wahl discusses David Beckham not signing with PSG and most likely returning to Los Angeles Galaxy.  Nice to see NBC start strongly with their MLS coverage.  Now if they could only improve their website’s coverage.

The Free Beer Movement<< The Free Beer Movement “Person of the Year” is…

The ever entertaining FBM awards its “Person of the Year” to the most deserving American soccer candidate.  I would doubt that the competition was stiff, especially since the winner is the first person you think about when your mind ponders to football and beer.  Unless of course you’re thinking of that other guy, who ironically was not even nominated.

Soccer Speak USA<< US Soccer fans encouraged to write and tweet to personalize the message and #growthegame

A new favorite among soccer blogging websites for me, the site goes on to discuss the seeming lack of respect that the media gives to the game.  However, he continues to let readers know that the media, like the fans, want soccer to grow.  Great piece, which is proven by the aforementioned NBC coverage of MLS.

ESPN<< Moneyball comes to AZ Alkmaar

Yes at the end of the MLS season I wrote a piece on moneyball in the league, but Leander Schaerlaecken shows that it is being used by people who actually affect the game –as opposed to a very bored blogger.  Wonder how AZ Alkmaar sits at the top of the Eredivisie? It’s mostly because Earnie Stewart has taken Billy Beane’s strategy and translated it into football.<< 2012 MLS Strength of Schedule: The Unbalancing Act

Speaking of statistical analysis, Sounders at Heart breaks down the new MLS unbalanced schedule to see who has a the easiest and toughest schedule for the 2012 season.  The inclusion of mileage and opponents points per game last season lead to the conclusion that we probably all knew: the Western teams have it harder.  Either way, a fascinating breakdown.

Continuing with the money theme we move over to to see that when players travel to American to play soccer, bringing with them entire families, only to find out that contracts can be voided after 6 months it has to be shocking.  That is what happened to the New England’s Rajko Lekic.  And while most Revolution supporters want the club to #GuaranteeLekic, L.E. Eisenmenger is giving us the low down on this horrendously amateur tactic used in a major league. << Did eliminating Tampa, Miami save MLS?

Though usually comes across as nothing more than tactically driven league propaganda, Jonah Freedman makes the argument that killing soccer in south Florida may have been a kill one (or two) to save twelve type of move.  Interesting that this article comes out as Orlando City SC is starting to look like a true contender for the team 20 spot; however, I find it difficult to argue with the logic.

Viva La Futbol<< The blind ambitions of a feeder league

I’m allowed to include my own stuff here, right? A –not so– brief look at MLS’s failures to move up from feeder league status, due to their continual aspirations towards being a top league.  Though now that it appears Tim Ream is going to Bolton it might need to be slightly edited.

The Drug is Football<< What Revs are Doing vs. League

A big problem I have with MLS not using the traditional fall-to-spring schedule is that they don’t really get to be involved in the Silly Season. Instead, I have dubbed the time between MLS Cup and training camps the Stupid Season.  It is filled with drafts, signings, drafts, releasing players, drafts, getting a few players during January, and did I mention more drafts.  While this is definitely from a New England perspective, it does show how many actual moves each team has made –or not made– during this Stupid Season.

Major League Soccer Talk<< The Post Where We Limit Ourselves to 3 Questions About the NY Offseason

Last season everyone thought New York was a shoe in for Supporters Shield, it didn’t turn out that way.  Now no one knows what to make of them.  Tim Ream is sold to Bolton, no he isn’t, yes he is. Rafa Marquez is training with Barca B.  Thierry Henry is back with Arsenal.  Robert Hay looks at 3 big questions about this once apparently unbeatable team, who now has a lot of questions to answer.

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