Striker Lost

I’ve spent the last few hours, or really days, working on papers for school. Research papers, model plans, literature reviews have been my life for the last 48 hours –give or take some time on Twitter. However, the latest news on Carlos Tevez came out and something had to be said.

Carlos Tevez is one of my favorite footballers. When I first fell in love with him, he was magical. However, it turns out he’s more manic than magic. This is a man who has globe trekked and ended up nowhere. But the truth is that Carlos Tevez is far more sad clown than evil villain. He is an idiot savant when it comes to football. Tevez is talented on the ball and off, has a nose for goal, and is an underrated passer, but off the pitch Tevez does not seem to know right from wrong.

When he scored an offside goal against Mexico in the 2010 World Cup, he probably thought he was doing the right thong admitting it to the media after the game. Yet it did more harm than good. Even his attemps at good end up poor.

But what should we expect from this world class athlete? The man does not look even slightly athletic and most of his press photos look like mug shots. If most people saw him walking the streets, even in his own clothing line, they would think he was a homeless. They may even try to give him money to help him –as so many clubs have done. This is a man who gets chance after chance but just keeps throwing them away.

When we look at Carlos Tevez we should be thinking one of the greatest footballers ever, but we don’t. Instead we look at him and think that he might have psychological problems, and that might not be too far from the truth. While we watch Tevez’s continual imploding, he is seeming akin to Michael Jackson. Great talent but can’t pull it together. Spectacular to see perform but somethings not quiet right.

How could we pity him? He’s rich. How could he be so insecure –and a lot of this is insecurity– he’s too damn talentend? He should be loved and reviered, not hated and reviled. But we don’t want to look at the facts. We don’t want to see it. We avoid it at all costs. Because the truth is that this man may, in all actuality, be insane.

Tevez’s career has seemed to be one crazy move after another. Complaining about wanting to be closer to Argentina then signing with Manchester United. Complaining about the city Manchester while with United, then signing for City. Claiming how much he loved the Argentinian National Team and then skipping a friendly claiming he was injured only to play a game the next day for his club team.

How many players –in any sport– have gone from hero to goat at the same club in less than a year? Is he Carlos Tevez Premier League Golden Boot winner? Is he Carlos Tevez the guy who refuses to play? Is he Carlos Tevez the guy who helped Man City qualify for Champions League? Is he Carlos Tevez the man who will never play for Man City again? First he refused to play in a game, then denied it, then asked for a transfer, the rescinded that transfer, then the media was told by Roberto Mancini that he would never play for Manchester City again.

The fact of the matter is Carlos Tevez could have been one of the best forwards to ever play the game. Perhaps he, not Messi, was destined to be the next Maradona. However, he got in the way of his own career. Is there anything that his clubs could do for him? Should his clubs need to do anything for him?

He is now apparently back in Argentina –a place he probably should have never left int he first place. Manchester City said they had no idea he was there. Tevez said he told them. It’s a classic case of “he said, she said” except in this case one of the two sides has a track record of insanity that everyone is apprently ignoring.

There is something about Carlos Tevez. The man who is both fascinating and frightening to watch. If the next BBC story about him were his death I’m not sure anyone would be shocked. He could have been that player, but he ended up being that player. We feel it’s a waste and a shame. But there is probably something there, but no one has taken the time to look for it.

I’d like to say only Carlos Tevez knows what’s next for Carlos Tevez, but I’m not sure that even that is true.



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