MLS “Awards” – Rookie of the Year


Rookies are changing MLS.  It used to be the only way into the league was through the Super Draft or Allocation.  Now teams are creating their own academies.  Even players going to college are entering MLS at 18 and 19 instead of 21 and 22.  Perhaps in the future Rookie of the Years will all be 15, 16, and 17 year-old academy product.  For now here is how our panel looked at this year’s rookie class.

 How the Panel Voted:

CJ Sapong

Chris Ballard
Around The League Extra
CJ Sapong

Abram Chamberlain
Viva La Futbol
CJ Sapong

Jason Davis
Best Soccer Show
CJ Sapong

Daniel Feuerstein
Major League Soccer Talk
CJ Sapong

Robert Jonas
Center Line Soccer
CJ Sapong

Alexi Lalas
ESPN Soccer
CJ Sapong

Jeremiah Oshan
SB Nation Editor
CJ Sapong

Zac Wassink
Yahoo Sports

What the Panel Said:

Chris Ballard:
CJ Sapong – scoring the first goal in your team’s new stadium is always going to bring you some love, but he’s been great for all of the time he’s been in the side.

Abram Chamberlain: As much as I want to go with Diego Fagundez (not enough minutes), and as much as I believe that Darlington Nagbe and Perry Kitchen will ultimately be better, as much as I believe that Luis Gil will be more important to the National Team, C.J. Sapong has been on fire all season long.

Jason Davis: C.J. Sapong [is] Tthe best of group of players who did blow anyone out of the water.

Robert Jonas:  In a year where rookies did little to make huge impacts for their teams, [C.J.] Sapong did a fabulous job in his limited time as part of a potent Sporting KC attack.

Zac Wassink: [C.J.Sapong] won my vote after watching him play against RBNY lastweekend. He both creates and buries chances.

Coming Up….

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