MLS “Awards” – Designated Player of the Year


It used to be Designated Player were just former big-name, world class players looking to sail off into retirement.  While that may still be true in some cases (-ed note: I’m looking at you Rafa Marquez), DPs are now intregal parts to successful teams.  These are the big name, or at least big money, players that are supposed to light the league on fire.  Here are the players who came good on their contracts this year. 

How the Panel Voted:

David Beckham

Chris Ballard
Around The League Extra
David Beckham

Abram Chamberlain
Viva La Futbol
David Beckham

Jason Davis
Best Soccer Show
Thierry Henry

Daniel Feuerstein
Major League Soccer Talk
Fredy Montero

Robert Jonas
Center Line Soccer
David Beckham

Alexi Lalas
ESPN Soccer
Fredy Montero

Jeremiah Oshan
SB Nation Editor
Thierry Henry

Zac Wassink
Yahoo Sports

What the Panel Said:

Chris Ballard:
David Beckham – 15 assists, many of them for game winning goals. This isn’t just the Brit-voting-for-the-Brit – Beckham was close to being my MVP as well.

Abram Chamberlain: This is the second category where I really wanted to pick Eric Hassli (I love me some Hassli), but it has to be Beckham.  For the record, I hate David Beckham –as a player and as a cultural icon– but I cannot deny what he’s done this season with 15 assists.  With fiery, some may say a**-like, leadership.  In all honesty, if I were an LA fan, I’d hate him that much more, because if he hadn’t gone on loan every single year maybe they’d have an MLS Cup in his tenure.

Jason Davis: Beckaham. Partly because he’s the original and had his best MLS season on the best MLS team.

Robert Jonas: When considering the bang Seattle got for the buck with the Colombian striker, [Fredy]Montero was dollar for dollar the best Designated Player in MLS. League MVP Landon Donovan was a close second.

Zac Wassink: Thierry Henry started the year being booed by home supporters. He missedseveral matches due to silly red cards, “fatigue” and choice andSTILL almost won the Golden Boot. Not too shabby. (-ed note: funny how we all forget that we hated Henry and loved Marquez -well maybe didn’t outright hate- at the start of the season)

Coming Up….

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