MLS “Awards” – Coach of the Year


Some coaches get the results you expect from them, but when you’re always expecting greatness it is difficult to achieve. Some coaches get the results you don’t expect from them, and their teams overachieve. Some coaches can compete on multiple fronts, and do well in every last one. These are the coaches who met or surpassed our hopes for them this year.

How the Panel Voted:

Sigi Schmid

Chris Ballard
Around the League Extra
Robert Warzycha
Abram Chamberlain
Viva La Futbol
Peter Nowak
Jason Davis
Match Fit USA
Peter Nowak
Daniel Feuerstein
Major League Soccer Talk
Sigi Schmid

Robert Jonas
Center Line Soccer
Bruce Arenas

Alexi Lalas
ESPN Soccer Analyst
Sigi Schmid

Jeremiah Oshan
SB Nation Editor

John Spencer
Zac Wassink
Yahoo Sports Contributor

What the Panel Said:

Chris Ballard:
Coach of the Year. Sigi Schmid – No question. Open Cup winner, qualified for knockout rounds of CCL, secured play-off spot and have good chance in the playoffs.

Abram Chamberlain: Robert Warzycha is not a sexy pick. However, he took a team that gutted its roster and was expected to finish towards the bottom of the table, and had them competing for the Eastern Conference title until the end. As far as getting a lot out of very little Warzycha did every bit as good as his former mentor.

Jason Davis: Playoffs in year two is an impressive feat [for Nowak], even if I want him to play Danny Mwanga more. (-ed note: you and me both)

Robert Jonas: Juggling his roster to compete on three fronts in 2011, [Sigi] Schmid coached the Sounders to their third straight U.S. Open Cup championship, a runner-up finish to the LA Galaxy in the MLS regular season, and a spot in the knockout rounds of the 2011-12 CONCACAF Champions League.

Zac Wassink: John Spencer [is a] king of men, he.I’d take him as New York’s top man in a second.

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