MLS “Awards” – Allocated Player of the Year


There used to be a time when returning to MLS, after spending time in Europe, was a sign of either old age or failure.  Now Americans and Canadians return to MLS in attempts to further their careers.  These players –mostly one this year– have shown that coming back to MLS may just be a way to redefine their careers. 

How the Panel Voted:

Charlie Davies

Chris Ballard
Around The League Extra
Charlie Davies

Abram Chamberlain
Viva La Futbol
Charlie Davies

Jason Davis
Best Soccer Show
Charlie Davies

Daniel Feuerstein
Major League Soccer Talk
Charlie Davies

Robert Jonas
Center Line Soccer
Charlie Davies

Alexi Lalas
ESPN Soccer Analyst
Charlie Davies

Jeremiah Oshan
SB Nation Editor
Kenny Cooper

Zac Wassink
Yahoo Sports Contributor

What the Panel Said:

 Chris Ballard:  Charlie Davies [has] scored plenty of goals, created a few as well. He was on the verge of forming a good partnership with Josh Wolfe before he went and got leg broken – this may have cost DCU a play-off spot.

Abram Chamberlain:
While Jay Demerit and Kenny Cooper may end up being more important, Freddy Adu and Benny Feilhaber may end up being better, and Sammy Ochoa may end up staying longer, no allocated player had the impact of Charlie Davies. And though the end of his season had critics focusing on things other than his goals –dives and lawsuits– it should be interesting to see what he does next.

Jason Davis: Davies? None of the names I can recall have set themselves apart. Davies scored some goals. 

Robert Jonas: Always the center of attention in DC, at least until De Rosario came aboard, [Charlie] Davies heroically returned to the city where his horrific 2009 automobile accident nearly ended his life, let alone his playing career. A headline maker for good and for bad this season, his impact on his team and the league is miles ahead of the rest.

Zac Wassink: I know a lot of people are hard on [Kenny Cooper], but imagine where Timbers would bewithout Cooper in the starting 11.

Coming Up….

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